Operating Microscope OM-8

In the Operating Microscope, OM 8, a new system is introduced where the customer chooses suitable component units according to their needs when ordering their microscope.

Choose one with motorized zoom magnification changer or with manual magnification changer according to your needs. The newly designed microscope has the red reflex illumination system built-in (the previous models used an attachment), reducing the overall size of the microscope unit. The unit also is equipped with a motorized focusing system that offers maximum focusing stroke of 30mm, allowing the surgeon to focus precisely on the spot required using the foot controller.

The objective is 27% larger in diameter compared with that of the previous models, achieving a brighter illumination system.


  Zoom microscope Manual microscope
Binoculars 45-degree binocular with converging optics F=160mm
Magnification changes Motorized zoom type (zoom ratio 1:5) 5-step manual type
Total magnifications 4.28x to 21.4x 3.6x, 5.4x, 8.9x, 14.3x, 22.3x
Objective F=175mm(apochromatic corrected optics)
Light source 15V 150W halogen lamp
Filters Heat-absorbing, UV(permanent feature built-in), Blue-cut
Illumination system Cold light coaxial illumination by fiber light guide
Arm vertical stroke 400 mm
XY stroke +/- 25 mm
Base size 640 mm x 640 mm
Weight 82 Kgs

Specifications subject to change without notice

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